Is Google Preparing Another Major Update to SEO?

Google’s animal themed updates have fundamentally reshaped search engine optimization and web marketing. Panda was perhaps the largest of them all, with the now infamous hummingbird update beginning Google’s major innovations in their algorithm. Though hummingbird caught many marketers off guard, the subsequent innovations did not have quite the same effect. Marketers prepared for Google’s changes in new ways. By limiting poor quality content and turning their resources away from click bait programs, smart marketers are able to create a buffer.

It is obviously apparent that Google is willing to make drastic industry defining updates. The question now turns away from if Google will force another update, but when? Are SEO ranking services prepared?


Minor and Major Changes

Google seems to push out a new major update every year. They continue to make minor updates every couple months. For better or worse, their algorithm is constantly changing. This has caused many marketers to debate the ranked importance of certain features, such as meta descriptions and keywords. There is no overall consensus on what is the most important element within search engine optimization, which is what makes the field both fascinating and frustrating. Each update also fixes major weaknesses in SEO. Google Penguin focused on backlinks and discouraging marketers from buying them in bulk. Anything with a forced link integrity was penalized deeply. Some companies failed to recover from these penalties. There was another major cultural update. Google Panda focused on the technical aspects of search engine optimization, such as keyword spamming. each one, both focused on the same overall goal, accomplished it in very different ways.

Look at Current SEO Weaknesses?

What other area of marketing is left? SEO ranking services are as prepared as they can ever be because of the past updates. They have set the standard of quality, and advertise facebook marketers now know that cheating the system or shortcutting their services is extremely shortsighted. Google’s updates, if anything, has fundamentally upped the game for all seo ranking services.

Each update from the famous search engine company forced marketers to innovate and change the strategies. The overall thread tying all these updates together is the push for quality. As long as marketers are defining their content by its quality and not its quantity, their efforts should not be diminished. Entities such as lodestone consulting services have learned this a long time ago. A push for anything but top-tier quality with ultimately fall to the sway of Google’s web Darwinism.

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